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topic posted Sun, December 10, 2006 - 6:37 PM by  doctor
anyone have any recommendations for chew toys for Basenji's I've tried allot of the typical crap at the pet store but my boy just inst interested in it.

Its becoming a dire situation because he is developing a habit for chewing up potential toxic things (platics, rubbers, rubber coated wires and elastics) in the house, and besides that being a nuisance, I'm more concerned about his health than anything. he is working his way to being crated again while i leave the house since it's too cold to leave him outside while I'm at work.

We had worked our way through this separation anxiety thing before but he seems to be reverting back. I'm looking for a dog psychologist in my area to see if we can figure out some corrective action to take.

The final solution will be to add control zones in the house that will make some of the areas where he is finding things to destroy off limits. I'd hate to do that, but ultimately his health is my responsibility and I have read the horror stories about ppl who dont control the things that their B's eat and wind up having surgery to remove things.
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    Mon, December 11, 2006 - 6:48 AM
    Hi there
    it sounds to me that if your basenji is reverting back to a behaviour that you had already overcome, perhaps something has changed in your household. Can be something as simple as a job change and your times of leaving and returning to the house are different. as I am sure you know dogs are habitual and to some dogs small changes can mess with them (my basenji mix is like that). I would look at my routine if I was you and see if anything has changed.
    As for the chewing I have had lots of luck with a toy called 'Kong', you get it at most pet shops and you can put cookies inside to keep the dog busy trying to get it out - hence chewing the Kong instead of your household. Be sure to buy the real 'Kong' toy and not immitations and for a basenji I would suggest the medium size. Kongs are made from rubber and virtualy unbreakable (under normal use that is). To get your dog interested in it I would put about a teaspoon of peanut butter in it and see how he reacts.
    good luck
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    Mon, December 11, 2006 - 11:22 AM
    My two guys love nylabones...but it wasn't until one saw the other chewing on one.
    I think I started with Kongs, sticking a treat inside or even wiping a bit of peanut butter in it. Tennis balls generally get shredded...they LOVE those braided ropie things, but one will carry it around for days...the other will destry it in 2 minutes.

    Most the the general stuff at pet stores lasts 3-5 minutes max with my guys.

    However, bitter apple is a wonderful thing.

    The best thing I did for separation anxiety was to get a second basenji. Two truly are easier to handle than one.
    Now of course, they have another brother and sister (both cairn terriers) to hang out with. Another thing is to leave from different doors. We vary going out by the garage or the front door -- this way they don't know if we're just there doing laundry, the mail or the paper -- or gone for a few hours.

    Oh, and in the philosophy that a tired doggie is a happy doggie.
    Two words: Laser Pointer

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